It's Probably Not Child Labor If It's Voluntary, Right?

What's this, you ask? Oh, not much. Just my usual excellence in parenting.

See, this is my most recent discovery. It's a beautiful way to occupy Sterling while Bennett finishes eating. 

Usually, she sits in her chair and whines incessantly until I let her down. 

I used to force her to sit there until all three of us were finished, which was punishment for ALL of us. 

Now, I give her the "super special big kid awesome clean up broom" and she commences to "cleanin". 

Hey man, when you're trying to sell a kid on the fun of cleaning, you need a flashy name to grab their attention. 

So far, her sweeping skills aren't stellar yet, but I think with some dedicated practice, we will get there. 

And I'm happy to let her practice for as long as it takes.

I'm about 90% certain it's not child labor if they do it voluntarily. OK, maybe it's more like 73%, but at least my floors are clean...

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