Did My Kid Just Order A Hit On Me???

As I was sitting there this morning, casually minding my own business, I happened to overhear this discussion:

Okay, you take care of her? Her name Caraline. She my momma. Jus let me know when you done. 

Holy hell, did my kid just order a hit on me?!?

What did I do to deserve that? Never mind, no need answer that one. 

But more importantly, where did she meet the imaginary people who could carry out such a thing? 

I'd have a hard time even knowing where to go to get my hands on some pot, but evidently she has MAJOR connections. 

I gotta rethink who we do play dates with...

In the meantime, I think I'm going to run out for donuts at lunch just to make certain I stay on her good side. 

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