Operation Destruction

Having a baby has destroyed my body. There, I have said it.

No, I don't mean destroyed my body in the bad-skin-stretch-marks-stomach-pooch-cellulite-C-section-scar-cellulite-dark-circles-pee-when-I-laugh/sneeze/jump/sit, although those are all there too.

No, when I say destroyed my body, I mean that I have literally been sick for 6 months in a row with an escalating series of illnesses. Now, you could say "huh, maybe that's a crazy coincidence", and you may be right with a normal person, but not me. Until I got pregnant, I was that crazy healthy friend who NEVER got sick. No lie, until the baby, my doctor hated me because the only time she saw me was when I broke my foot. I literally went years without so much as a sneeze.

And then I had a baby, and suddenly I have become my doctor's wet dream. It all started with a series of escalating sinus infections that piggy backed off of each other, escalating with each occurrence. Each round of antibiotics wrecked my system a little further until I forgot what exactly "normal" was like. Then the appendicitis scare which after 3 days in the hospital, turned out to be a particularly nasty abdominal infection in my lymph nodes. Major round of antibiotics later, I was sent home, just in time to catch the stomach flu from hell a week later. It lasted 24 hours for the baby, 12 hours for my husband, and 7 days for me, including virulent explosions from pretty much every orifice imaginable. Then the cold that took the baby down for 3 days, and a week and a half later I am STILL fighting.

Long story short, I have pretty much forgotten what healthy feels like at this point. And I have thoroughly lost confidence in Western medicine. It doesn't feel like any of the care I have received has ever made me feel better, and I am starting to think that wellness is as much a state of mind as a state of being.

So, I am getting healthy. I am taking the time to take naps when my baby does (one of those great tips from other parents which sounds great, but is nearly impossible to actually do), I am eating healthier, I am increasing my exercise, and most importantly, I am getting to a healthy mindset.

Let's see if the mind is stronger than the pregnancy :)

World's Youngest Food Critic

Sterling has a new response to anything that she doesn't enjoy. I would be offended by her commentary on my cooking (or more accurately, baby food jar opening) if it wasn't so freakin cute :)