Just Washin' Some Balls...

Know what's awesome?

When you have a TOTALLY juvenile sense of humor, and your kid is lovingly caring for her balls. 


This afternoon Sterling was toting around two soccer balls. When I looked over, she had them in the sink of her play kitchen. 

Me: Watcha doing there, sweetie?
S: I washin' my balls. 
Me: Oh yeah?
S: Yeah. They SOOOOO dirty.
Me: Huh. You don't say. 
Me: No way! How do you fix that?
A: First I wash them. Then I rub them. 
Me: *snort* Yeah? How did they get so dirty?
S: They been in a scudgy box. 
Me: Oh! You don't say!
S: Yeah. I not gonna put them in there no more. It scudgy! And stinky!

When she brought over her toy bat and started washing it too, I pretty much lost it and just sat snickering like a 12 year old boy at a bra convention. 

Yep. I am THAT parent... 

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