OSM: The Greatest Gift Of All: Silence

One of Sterling's birthday gifts arrived today. Before I could take it out of the box though, she discovered how much fun the box itself could be. This box gave a solid hour of baby entertaining, worth every penny!

This Is What "Naughty" Looks Like

So today Sterling discovered that if she pulled over a basket, and piled a bucket on top of it, she could climb on top of the table. Could TOTALLY use a bucket of wine right now :)

Oh, and just noticed that one of the flash cards turned over is "bucket". How appropriate!

A Silent Baby Is A Dangerous Baby

Made the mistake of leaving Sterling alone for 5 minutes while I went to put a load of laundry in this morning. Big mistake. I noticed that she was being surprisingly quiet while I was downstairs. Evidently she learned how to take the lid off her milk and was having an AWESOME time playing :)

The good news is that based upon her expression, she CLEARLY feels highly remorseful. Riiiiiight...