My Own Personal Chuckie...

Wonder what this is? I mean besides the child of your nightmares.

This my friends is what happens when a little boy gets tall enough to reach far back on the counter, and his parents don't realize it yet. 


Lemme explain. 

Sterling was being her general naughty self, and I was trying to wrangle her. She ran into the office and scampered up onto my desk, I followed with my camera out.

About three shots into it I felt this incredibly painful poke at the back of my leg. I looked down, and this is what I saw.

Bennett. Casually brandishing one of the incredibly sharp Wusthof knives that we had left drying at the back of the counter.  Evidently they were overpoweringly enticing to  a miniature Norman Bates. 

And he didn't settle for the first one he came to, my friends. No, he went all the way to the very back in order to get the big one.

Somewhere in the process he cut himself on the left hand and as he strolled in, he dripped blood EVERYWHERE. On the carpet. Down the walls. Across the floors. Everywhere. 

It looked just as gory as you would imagine little, bloody baby handprints to look. 

And yes, I'm fully aware that should CPS happen to read this, there is no way in hell they would think we were fit parents. 

Yep. I'm officially the parent that other parents look at and instantly feel better about themselves. 

I know I've said it before, but this is just more proof that my kids have it in for me. Because I didn't miss the fact that rather than running to the opposite end of the house like he usually does when he's being naughty, this time he came straight for me with that thing ready for business. 

I may never sleep again…

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