Mastering The Art Of Mayhem

Right now, I feel as if Bennett is doing his best to totally eradicate any standards for naughty that his sister Sterling ever set.

For example, B spends pretty much each and every play date abusing as many girls as he possibly can. Which is a lot. 

That picture above? Our good friend Liana. One of the sweetest, kindest, loviest little girls you will ever meet. So B decides to ride her like a pony while pulling her hair. Of course, right? How else would you treat a good friend!

And yes, Sterling was one that liked to take off running in public. B does that, but on a whole new level.

It seems as if any time we are out, I spend my entire time chasing after his incredibly fast little chunky butt as he gallops haphazardly away. 

And you would think that being in the safety of our home, it would help eliminate some of that issue. You would think. 

Actually, it does the exact opposite. It lulls me into a false sense of security. Over the last couple of days, Sterling has learned how to unlock our front door. Incredibly quietly, I might add.

The moment that door opens, B takes off like a thoroughbred out of the chute at a horserace. 

A little streak of blond hair and ornery giggles, he races as far as fast as he can from whoever's pursuing him.

Today it was my friends L and T who took turns chasing him. L caught him at the end of my street, which is quite a long run for a little turkey to take.

And it isn't just the parents who have been chasing him. We routinely employ the child labor of the older kids in the group to make certain we catch him. 

It's a group endeavor, which just makes him laugh that much harder. 

Yep. So far he is out mayheming the queen of the art form...

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