Dancing In The Doritos

Sweet holy mercy mother of pearl, seems like anytime I assume things are cool for three seconds, my kids prove me wrong.

Today, I was cleaning up after feeding the kids lunch. 

I was busy wiping down the table when I heard the end mistakable shhhhhhh of crackers falling onto the floor.

Running across the kitchen, I found Bennett breakdancing through a litter of Doritos.

It appeared that he had used the broom handle to knock a bag that I knew for a fact had been out of his reach, over to the edge of the counter so that he could reach up and snag it. 

He had  dumped the bag everywhere, stuffed as many chips into his chubby little hands as he could, and started doing the breakdance of victory.

As soon as he saw me, he let out that ornery little belly laugh that he does. The one that makes his eyes dance merrily with glee, and makes his dimples come out. The one that makes it abundantly clear that this mayhem was not unintentional.

I snagged the broom and started cleaning up the mess, not thinking of the danger of an ornery little boy running around with Dorito hands.

I heard that telltale laugh again, and went into the dining room just in time to catch him rubbing his and all over the white silk curtains.

And thoroughly enjoying himself…

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