Battery Battering

So I have a confession to make: we have a lot of toys that are "broken" because the batteries have died.

The awesome part? All the freakasstastic disco music and flashing lights are in no way critical to the functioning of these toys.

Nope, I'm pretty confident that all that pandemonium only serves to drive parents crazy. I would not be surprised in the slightest if Fisher Price were secretly funded by the Liquor Association.

And those useless On/Off switches? As soon as you turn the damn toys off, your kids turn them right back on again. Those switches are useless.

No, if toy manufactures wanted to make power switches truly helpful, they would make them DNA coded to only work for parents.

But nope, they're generally big, brightly colored, and placed in a spot that's incredibly easy for little fingers to reach.

Which is why I'm generally appreciative of any toys that run out of juice.

The last few days of juice are full of bizarre bleeps and slo mo songs, but once they officially go dead, the silence is BLISSFUL. 

But unfortunately, Nana, Pop Pop and Daddy are all happy to be on the battery replacement bandwagon.

Which means nothing stays dead for very long.


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