OSM: Mobile Game Changer

What, this? Oh yeah, this is how Sterling finally cracked the obstacle of the only piece of "unclimbable" furniture in the room. 

Evidently, the stoller = mobile game changer. Yay.

Strangest Eater In The World

I live with the strangest eater ever. Here she is loving some Pad Thai, yet Sterling doesn't like pizza, Mac and cheese or ice cream. 
Give her calamari, dried seaweed, tofu nuggets, basmati rice or Saag Paneer, and she will throw down, but take her to McDonalds and the only thing she will eat is french fries :)

When she was a baby, we really struggled with finding a baby food that she would eat, yet no less than THREE different times I found her happily munching on a Stink Bug. I love her, but don't think I will ever understand her.

OSM: Jumperoo

Getting a leg up to talk to the "meows" in the neighborhood. Seems legit and TOTALLY safe.

OSM: Swinging Mayhem

Because when you have access to the baby swing, and mom is tied up nursing your brother, what else would you do but climb up into it and jump while it rocks? 

Repeatedly hitting the "Peaceful Music" button until your mom can feel it in her molars, optional...

OSM: Rolling Disaster

Dancing on the rolling toy without holding on to anything. 

Either awesome balance, or courting disaster. I say why pick one???

OSM: Rolling Mayhem

Using a rolling toy to reach things you aren't supposed to have: seems legit.

OSM: Table Dancer

Dancing on the coffee table to OPP. Yep, we roll old school. What? My girl has to pay her way through Med School somehow, I just call this her "training program". 

And for the record: no, she is not allowed to stand on the table. Sit, yes. Stand, no. And yes, she knows it. But after a million battles already this morning, we fudged on this one for a few minute of peace...

Where is my Mother Of The Year award??? 

Testicles, Who Needs 'Em?

Anybody who is home only long enough to give both of his babies a cold and then leaves again should have his testicles removed with a pair of nail clippers.

Dull, rusty ones. LOTS of little, ineffective snips.

I think there is a law somewhere to this effect.

Just sayin, love the daddy, hate the travel schedule...

Welcome to the Jungle

It's funny how when I read back over the old posts on this blog, I was so clueless of what life with kids would be like. Early on I was worried about things like: mom guilt, and making kid-friendly friends. It's not that these aren't things that I worry about anymore, but now my day is much more about: how the hell do I keep my sanity when I'm living with a pint sized hellion on a mission to destroy…

OSM: Punching Mommy's Buttons

This piece is titled: Punching Mommy's Buttons.

Also known as: I used the office chair to climb into the desk drawer in order to access the laptop that I know is off limits which is why I did it so damn quickly.

No lie, I watched the whole thing go down in less than 5 seconds. She went under the desk to push the drawer out, pulled the chair over, and was up an on the desk faster than I could figure out what she was up to. Luckily I had the camera on hand so I could snag a quick photo AND yank her little hiney off of it within seconds of one another :)
Homegirl isn't even playing fair any more. The less sleep I get, the more hood rat she becomes. And juggling her at the same time with an infant is HARSH!


OSM: Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla dolla bill y'all.

Otherwise known as: Daddy left his wallet out where I could reach it, and mommy had the camera in hand's reach

The Dangers Of Nose Nose

Her face says it all. Given a few minutes and no witnesses, this would be a VERY different photo :)

And just in case you are curious, her right hand is crouched in preparation for "nose nose", which is her favorite game where she pinches someone's nose and says "nose nose". She knows it's off limits for Bennett (because babies only breathe through their nose, and Bennett is kind of fond of breathing) so she is super fast and crafty with it :)