Naked FaceTime Fiasco

There is this lovely little feature on my iPhone called FaceTime.

It's made for bringing families together, bridging the gap between loved ones, or in my case, quite possibly flashing my Father In Law.

Allow me to explain.

My wonderful husband let me sleep in the other morning while he got up early with the munchkins.

If you have kids, you know that sleeping in is the gift known as "that which eclipses all other gifts".

I had just woken up and enjoyed a quick shower when I heard the familiar trill of a FaceTime request.

It's not uncommon for John to check in on me when he hears me up, and I thought he was mixing things up with FaceTime.

We are crazy like that.

I dashed into the bedroom, conked my toe on our big club chair on the way, and hopped totally naked to grab my phone.

Please do yourself a favor and don't do a mental image of that. I have two small kids, it's not pretty.

Anyway, John is the third generation with his name, so in my rush, I missed the "II" instead of the "III" next to the name of the caller. I automatically picked up, thinking it was him.

About 10 seconds into the call I shifted my focus off of rubbing my throbbing toes and onto the name, at which point it finally hit like a bucket of cold water. With piranhas inside. Little, hungry, bitey ones. With red eyes. And super sharp teeth.

Anyway, this was conveniently exactly long enough for the call to establish connection.

At which point I began hitting the Hang Up button with all of the fervent determination of a trained lab monkey with a hair trigger finger and a bad treat addiction.

I'm still not certain whether or not my Father In Law saw anything or not. But if I start getting random FaceTime requests from all his buddies, I think we will know the answer to that question ;-)

Note: Yes, my Father In Law reads this blog sometimes. And if he didn't see anything that morning, I'm sure I will get a lot of teasing for it anyway :-)

After it was *repeatedly* pointed out to me that this post needed a picture to go with it, I decided you guys were right.
And since you were so game to see puffy, leathery, nudity, I thought I would share a shot of the chair I cranked my toe on ;-)


  1. What, no picture of THAT?! LOL

    1. Careful what you ask for! I bear no responsibility for any "spontaneous blindness" that may occur after said viewing ;-)