Seriously Daddy, Are You Deaf???

I was luckily enough to overhear a lovely  father-son interaction the other night as John was putting Bennett to bed.

J: Night night buddy. 
B: Bye bye
J: Night night
B: Bye bye
J: N-Ight N-Ight 
B: Bye bye
J: Niiight Niiight 
B: Byyye Byyye 
J: No baby, listen. Niiiigghht Niiight. 
B: Byyyye Byyyye
J (starting to sound a little exasperated): Nnnnniiiiiiiigggghhhhttt Nnnnniiiiiiiigggghhhhttt 
B (sounding equally as exasperated): Bbbbbbyyyyeee Bbbbbbyyyyeee 
J: Niiight... Oh wait, are you saying Bye Bye?
I swear on all that is holy, I could hear Bennett roll his eyes from the other end of the house. 

If Bennett knew the word "moron", he likely would have used it. Our kids aren't ones to mince words. 

Consider daddy officially "schooled" :-)

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