A DIFFERENT Kind Of Naughty Table Dancer

So lately, I've been noticing little footprints all over my dining room table. But until today, I had never caught anyone in the act of making them.

As I said, until today. 

I was busy trying to keep this little turkey from pulling apart the pantry when I realized the other little turkey was missing.

When I went looking for her, this is what I found in the dining room. 

My girl was gyrating wildly around table, singing Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" quietly to herself.


When she made it around to the near end of the table, she looked up, saw me and jumped about a mile. She then smiled brightly at me. 

"Oh, hi Momma. I'm not doing nothin'. Just dancin'. See? Lots of shiny things. So pretty!"

Oh sure kid, just dancing. On my dining room table. Not doing nothin'.

Let's just hope she gets the table dancing out of her system now, and finds OTHER ways to pay her way through med school...

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