Who AM I???

We moved in with my parents on March 17th.

The initial plan was to stay just long enough that our house sold, and leave before we started to drive one another crazy.

Two weeks after we moved in, our house sold and the buyer wanted to close as soon as possible. The average person would've instantly launched into house search mode. But until this week, we hadn't even really decided what area of the state we wanted to live in.

To be honest, every time I would think about moving out, I would get this sense of dread.

Because truthfully, it has been pretty damn awesome. Sure, we initially had some bumps and irritations as we got accustomed to living with one another, but those ironed out fairly quickly.

No, the issue was that our little experiment was perhaps working a little TOO well. For a variety of reasons.

Bennett absolutely loves his early morning love fests with Nana and Pop pop, and I love getting to pass on those early morning love fests. A little sleep makes for a WAY happier momma, I haven't felt the urge to do anything angry or stabby in quite a while.

Sterling is thrilled with having the undivided attention of at least one adult at all times, and especially appreciates the perpetual open lap to snuggle in while she catches up on her Caillou.

I like the companionship and LOVE the help. I've said it before, but we aren't made to parent alone. Especially not my crazy little hellions.

Several of my girlfriends and I always joke about buying a communal mansion since our husbands all work long hours/travel full time, and we would love the support of having each other around full time.

Having another adult around is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Because of it, watching hours of Sprout no longer makes me feel like my mind is melting.

And I can change a million diapers a day without getting all twitchy.

But as for living with my parents, the longer I live here, the better we work together and the harder it becomes to imagine heading out on my own again.

Which means I probably am getting TOO comfortable.

The odd part is that now that we are looking at houses, every house is approached with "will my parents have some place to fit in here" in the back of our minds.

I don't know who the woman writing this post is, but I know her kids are loving life :-)

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