Walmart Parting Gift

Um, did you know that Walmart gave parting gifts?

Yeah, me either.

Tonight we did a quick run to Walmart because Nana wanted to get Sterling a kiddie pool.

As we were walking out, something orange flickered at the corner of my eye.

I looked down, and saw that somewhere, Sterling had picked up an accessory.

She had it thrown casually over one shoulder like this season's Prada bag.

I have no idea where she picked that puppy up, or how long she lugged it around with her, but somewhere there is a wet floor without it's sign.

Yep, we are THOSE people...

As a side note, you will notice that she absolutely refused to make eye contact while I took her picture.


  1. Did you give the pamphlet holder back to the birth certificate place?

  2. Um, yeah, I totally did. I mean mostly I did. Totally. Kinda. But if you happen to notice that my step dad has a business card holder now that he didn't have a few weeks ago, that is purely a coincidence.

  3. Replies
    1. If by "priceless", you are referring to the bail that is going to be revoked when she gets my ass thrown in jail by 5-finger-discounting something important/expensive one day, then yep, definitely priceless ;-)