Flying The White Flag Already Today

So in the three seconds it took me to write that last post and change Bennett? Yeah, mayhem hit.

While you may think this photo speaks for itself, I think a little bit of explanation would give you even greater appreciation of it.

This, this is my parents kitchen table. A well established "no climb zone". And that? That my friends would be Sterling, squatting in true middle of it.

Ms. Sterling likes to choose moments like when I am changing Bennett's poopy diapers to scale on top of this table.

Because it is a semi "safe zone", we make the mistake of putting things like photos and my mom's betta fish on top of the table. There is also a salt shaker. Assuming that these things are safe because they are on top of the table would be a mistake. A BIG mistake.

When I took this photo, I didn't quite realize what she was clasping in her right hand.

Want to take a guess?

Let's just say, I hope that Mr. Betta survives his time clasped in a toddler's hand, being sprinkled with salt, and then washed under the kitchen faucet.

He certainly looked a little "ruffled" when I put him back in the fish bowl.

Poor, poor Mr. Betta.

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