Ninja Smurf

Just a forewarning: a quiet toddler is a dangerous toddler.

But let me explain.

My sister got married this weekend, and had a candy bar at the reception. My mom provided the candy. Which means my mom came home with about a million pounds of leftover blue and white candy.

Sterling doesn't eat candy. At all. No matter how hard we try to sell it. I know, she is a weirdo.

But because of this, I erroneously thought that it would be safe if we left the candy unattended.

I would be wrong.

Because evidently what she DOES do is suck on candy until the outside layer loosens up, and then uses it to paint. On her hands. On her face. And most definitely on the furniture, rugs and anything else she can find.
Not going to let The Man stop her party!

And she does it amazingly quietly. Like ninja silently.

The spiffy part? That damn candy stains.

Which means I put a Ninja Smurf to bed tonight. And then spent what felt like hours trying to rub blue smudges off of everything else.

My mom was especially surprised that Sterling picked only the blue candies which stained to use in her domestic graffiti.

For some odd reason, that didn't surprise me. In. The. Slightest...

In fact, the only thing that surprised me is that my mom was surprised.

Never underestimate the naughty of a quiet toddler, my friends. It is a dangerous, dangerous mistake to make.

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