All Mayhem, All The Time

I have become so conditioned by Sterling's mayhem that I now ALWAYS anticipate it.

When she is quiet? I expect mayhem. When she is noisy? I expect mayhem. And when she is acting "normal", I expect mayhem most of all. Essentially, with every breath she takes, I expect mayhem.

So when I heard her saying "jumpy, jumpy, jumpy. Jumping is FUN mommy" I came running to see what she was jumping from, to, or on.

Which made it a total shock when I realized that all she was doing was jumping off of a step onto the landing below it.

I feel like one of those people that was raised in a war zone, and forever after flinches anytime there is a loud noise.

And the fact that she has conditioned me to be constantly flinching may be the greatest mayhem of all. Even when she isn't actually doing mayhem, it is mayhem :-)

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