Love, Life and Social Media

I think social media is a fascinating, fascinating thing.

Take this blog for example, I find that in sitting back to write a blog post about a day of mayhem, I'm able to appreciate it far more fully than I did in the initial frustration of the event itself.

And as a discussion starts rolling about the event, I am able to see the humor that I might have otherwise missed. Oddly enough, it is also making my parenting adventure even more fun, because I am taking what would otherwise be a kid that is constantly plucking my nerves, and really looking at each event from the joy of the story behind it.

I am also really loving having an electronic "scrapbook" of my journey in raising two kids, and my observations on my current place in life.

My grandfather died yesterday, I'm still really trying to process that and get some perspective on such a rich life that has ended.

One of the things that we did yesterday was sit around and reminisce, and I rediscovered so many memories that have been lost over the years. We each brought our own memories and collectively we had a full set it seemed, but I'm sure some fell through the cracks.

I know how much I love looking back over my baby book as a kid, and I still do. I hope that for Sterling and Bennett, they get the same joy from this blog that I get from my baby book. That they can look at the pictures of themselves as little kids, see the comments people left on the posts, and get a sense of how much I am absolutely loving being their mom.

Because at the end of the day, love is the only thing that endures. My grandfather was wildly successful, he was a superstar in the world of engineering, an executive at DuPont, and did university accreditation for things like the engineering program at MIT. He was such a super star, that I had several friends come up to me at my wedding and say they had no idea he was my grandfather and ask if I would introduce them. But as successful as he was, what we spent the time discussing yesterday was what a wonderfully loving part of our lives he was.

Love truly is the thing that endures, so I am thankful that social media gives me a platform to track our experiences, share and laugh about them with others and give my kids a "time capsule" of of our lives.

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