Baby Lucha Libre

Backyard Wrestling starts early in Casa De Hickman. Real early. As in "before you are 6 months old" early. Any idea how hard it is to find one of those Lucha Libre masks for an infant??? Seems like an untapped market right there. Millions to be made by some enterprising soul. Millions.

But anyway, this is how we spent our Mother's day, and I swear, it wasn't quite as Lord Of The Flies as it looks.

See, it all started by Bennett scootching out of his bouncy chair. Now that he is a man on the move, he oozes out of that puppy every time he gets a chance. I think we see the writing on the wall here folks, a mobile baby means... two on the prowl. I am screwed.

But on this particular occasion, Sterling decided to be the "Helpful Big Sister" and get him back up into the seat.

Which is great and all... except that there is less than a 5 lb weight difference between them.

So it didn't work out quite as she had planned. Imagine The Brain trying to move Pinky, and you have a sense of what I am talking about.

There was some sweet snuggling time...

A bit of pushing and nudging... until finally she lost her balance and fell on top of him.

At which point it digressed from "Helping The Baby" to "Cage Match Of Doom".

And it *almost* looked accidental. Good times, good times.

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