Addict On The Loose

I have a confession to make.

I am addicted... to blogging! Which is the ultimate irony, because I don't even really know what a blog is!

In fact, the closest I have come to actually following a blog was my Perez Hilton crutch that I used to survive my final months in Corporate America. I would hit that "refresh" button like a mad woman, desperate for new dirt to make the hours of my day pass a *little* less slowly.

But I don't think what I do could be ANY further from what Perez does if I tried. For starters, I haven't had a single lawsuit filed against me for my blog content. But I am working on it.

And I haven't had a Twitter war with Kim Kardashian... yet.

All I really do is ramble on for a while until I get to a point... or run out of time, slap a picture on that puppy and call it good.

OK, So perhaps I put a little bit more thought and effort into it, but you get what I mean.

I didn't research blogging other than to ask a good friend and respected blogger what she recommended... then did almost none of it. It's not that she didn't have AMAZING insights (because she did), but more that I am pretty much a "by the seat of my pants" kind of blogger. Oh no wait, that is parent. No wait, it is definitely blogger.  I am so confused... I guess that's my approach for both!

Honestly, as I have said before, I blog to process the insanity of my world. And right now there is LOTS of insanity, so my blog has become invaluable in helping me cope with it all.

So as I sit here and watch total strangers box up my world, and twitch a little bit as they pack my antiques and jostle my grandmother's china, typing a blog entry (or twelve) helps me not get all anal and micro-managery on their asses. Because I have it in me people, I TOTALLY have it in me!

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