Naked Fence Climbing Olympic Hopeful

Know what the difference is between a clothed climbing toddler and a naked one?

About 20 seconds... and bottomless depths of ornery.

See, this afternoon we were out playing in the yard in an attempt to burn some ornery off of my little pixie. I know, I know, but do you have a better idea?

My parents have a koi pond that they couldn't keep the dogs from swimming in, so they built a fence around it. Which means it is IMMENSELY attractive to Sterling.

Every time she is outside, she walks along the fence line like a tiger at the zoo, inspecting it for weaknesses, rattling the fence from time to time, looking for ways over, under, or around it. She has tried to climb the fence itself a few times, but she hasn't yet figured out how to climb it fast and I usually peel her off before she makes it very far up.

But that was before. Before she discovered the wooden cross support. And she realized that by using the fence for handholds, she could run up the wooden support in about 0.003 seconds flat. Which has rendered my existing kid-peeling skills hopelessly outdated and required me to up my game.

By perching near the fence, I was usually able to catch her about half way up. Or catch pictures of it. Either one.

So once I upped my game, Sterling realized it was time to raise the stakes. And off the diaper came. Not sure how, but somehow that enabled her to shave those critical extra seconds off of her climbing speed and nearly make it over the top.

Probably because I was so busy laughing, that it slowed my reaction speed down a bit.

**Special note here, I have an AWESOME shot of the naked climbing, but John made the valid point that there wasn't a black bar big enough to make it safe for blasting across the internet. If, however, you happen to see me in person...

If the Olympics ever adds a Naked Fence Climbing event, America is set!

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