Relocation Exhaustion

I have to be honest, I hate house shopping. And moving. But especially house shopping.

I used to love watching that show House Hunters. You know the one where they take people around to look at a couple different properties, and then walk through the process of purchasing one?

And then I learned the deep, dark, dirty truth. Spoiler alert: I am about to bring worlds crashing down everywhere.

You ready for this?

When they film House Hunters, the buyers are already under contract on one of the houses. There isn't any reality to the show at all, they are paid 500 bucks to look at two random houses and their new house, and then pretend that they are making the choice all over again.

Here is why that frustrates me: they make the house buying process look SO easy! They look at a couple of houses, debate a little and then bing, bang, boom, they pick one and away they go. Easy peasy.

Except looking at houses isn't that easy. Or that fast. I have by now looked at quite a few houses in four different areas.

Each time I go out looking at an area, I find one that I really like the first time I see it. I then schedule a second showing, and each time I see all kinds of flaws that I missed the first time.

It is so disheartening.

Saturday morning for example, I went for a second visit to a house that blew me away the first time I saw it. This time, I really can't decide.

This will probably be the house that we raise our kids in, so we have a lot at stake to pick the "RIGHT house".

And because we are shopping in areas that we are not completely familiar with, it makes things just a bit more complex.

Plus, juggling childcare around house showings is super tricky. But not nearly as crazy as taking kids with you to look at a house. You spend the entire time trying to keep your devil toddler from climbing other people's furnishings, which makes it kind of hard to get any sense of the house at all.

So yes, I am totally over the house shopping process. I would love some kind of divine sign to suddenly show me which house is the right one.

Anyone want to make that happen for me? It would make me eternally grateful :-)

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