Busted Lips, Faux and Real

This is a toddler, laughing at my ability to parent.
Tonight Sterling comes running up to me with what appeared to be full on Baby Triage gore.

She had red goop dripping from her nose, dried and caked around her mouth, on her forehead, and all down the front of her shirt.

My first thought was that she had fallen and busted her face. But my mom (wearing the guiltiest smile of all) admitted that Sterling have gotten into her Naked juice and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

So five minutes later, when Sterling was running around the yard like a nut, slipped and busted her lip on a bucket, I didn't realize that it was blood running everywhere at first.

I was all "You're OK, it's fine" until I realized... wait, that big fat thing? Yep, that would be her lip. And that stuff dripping? Yep, blood.

Where is my Parent Of The Year (POTY) award?

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