Splinters Evidently Aren't A Deterrent

So yeah, this picture? This is when I went to get Sterling up from bed this morning.

Directly behind her is one of her wooden bed slats. Leaning conveniently in the doorway are two others that I've collected in the last 24 hours.

This is hardly the first time Sterling has jacked with the slats of her bed.

And likely it won't be the last.

But it seems now that we have removed EVERY piece of furniture from her room except for her bed, she is hell bent on getting that puppy apart.

One. Piece. At. A. Time.

Every single nap time, every single bed time, every single time she spends more than three seconds alone in that room, she takes the slats out.

Which is impressive because I have put those damn slats back in enough times now that I know how freakin hard it is to move them.

I'm STILL not certain how the hell she is getting them out, but I've removed enough splinters from her hands and feet lately that I'm pretty confident it takes a fair amount of effort.

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