Sitter Shakedown

So the other night, my girl worked our sitter over like a cheap pony. I don't know what that means exactly, but she worked her, just the same.

Lets start at the beginning.

We used a new sitter, the daughter of a Brazilian diplomat (only in DC). She was polished, professional, and personable.

I gave some simple directions for putting the kids down to sleep and left them in her capable hands.

When we got home, she raved about how "polite and well mannered" they were, which left me wondering if perhaps she had been dabbling in recreational drugs.

She left, and then the truth started to emerge.

Our first hint that Sterling had worked her mojo came when we turned the TV on. It was tuned to a children's channel.

We haven't forbidden TV, Sterling just knows I won't turn it on for her. So the moment we leave the house, the little monkey evidently pulled a few strings and got her Caillou fix in.

Then, we started looking around for Sterling's milk sippy cup so we could run it through the the dishwasher. It wasn't anywhere to be found. We searched the kitchen, the dining room, every little crevice and cranny we could think of. And then J suggested we look in Sterling's room.

Want to guess what we found clasped tightly in her grubby little hands? Yep, her milky. Which is another thing that is totally off limits due to the amount of mayhem she gets into while she is alone I there. So once again, homegirl took advantage of a new sitter to bend the rules.

Then J noticed that the new milk jug in the fridge hadn't been opened. We were curious because both kids had milk with dinner. The answer came when we realized that the half and half was 3/4 of the way empty.

Sterling is always fascinated when I get the half and half bottle out for coffee and asks for it in her cup too. So I am guessing that homegirl helpfully pointed the new sitter to the taboo bottle. And since all of our dairy comes in glass bottles that aren't well marked, the poor sitter never had a chance.

And then when I checked the cookie tub, I saw that puppy had taken a beating. Now I don't have any good explanation for that one, but considering how helpful my daughter likely was at this point, I'm sure she finagled her way through the cookies with equal finesse.

So yes, evidently if you let my kids watch TV, give them cookies and amazingly creamy milk, they are well behaved.

Huh, why haven't I done this earlier???

But the kids loved her, so the rest is just collateral.

Then, the sitter sent me this message, "Thank you for the opportunity of babysitting your kids yesterday, they are wonderful children! Hope we work together again in the future :)"

Seriously, I think I may be a little in love with this sitter, even if my kid DID pull the wool over her eyes...

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