Rachel Zoe Better Watch Her Back...

I'm going to preface this with saying please excuse the lack of makeup. Or a shower. Eh, whatever. I hadn't planned to make this a blog post, but I loved how much fun Sterling had with it, so there you go.

See, my girl LOVES sunglasses, and we just got a new pair. In our house, new sunglasses equals a whole new attitude.

Something about this pair with its swirly opalescent frames and tiny rhinestones brought out her inner Rachel Zoe.

All day she's been having fun playing stylist.

She brings them over, perches them perkily on my face, adjusts them, readjusts them, and then re-readjusts them.

Sometimes she sits back in satisfaction and says "Ooooh momma, you so fancy. It's beauuuuutiful".

And sometimes, she's not exactly pleased the results.

But no matter what, she is having a blast with playing dress up. And that's pretty awesome. It makes me kind of desperate to capture moments like this, because at some point, she will have absolutely no desire whatsoever to dress me up. Or even be in the same room with me.

So in the meantime, I am enjoying my little stylist. Even if she is a little overly "hands on" with her styling. I'm pretty sure my eyebrows will grow back. Eventually...

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