Nothing Like A Little Nudity In The Morning

Sterling's nudity is something that I've had to contend with since she was little.

One of her long time favorite activities has been to contort herself in whatever manner necessary to shimmy out of her jammies. The poopier the diaper, the higher the chances were that she would strip.

It's still a crapshoot when I go in to get her up whether or not she will be naked. And now that the only thing in her room is a bed, she has nothing better to do. Which means she's been getting especially creative when it comes to stripping.

Good times.

But she was a bit older than Bennett before she made her first appearance as Lady Godiva.

Which is why, when I went in to get him up this morning and found a stark raving naked boy waiting for me, I was a bit surprised. And not in the "oh my, what is Joe Manganiello doing in my bed" kind of surprised. Because that would be the awesome kind of surprise. No, this was the "oh crap, what has he peed on and how do I clean it up with two hungry, naked kids running around me like little pygmy cannibals" kind of surprise. Much less jumping up and down and clapping my hands, I promise you.

So this means that we now have two little beasties in backwards jammies. As if one little beastie in backwards jammies wasn't enough.

And I'm pretty confident that there isn't enough wine in the world to last me until these two are grown...

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