It's Official, I Do Not Have A Future In Stripping

This right here?

Oh, it's not much. This is just the way a toddler boy voices his displeasure.

Why is he so displeased, you might be wondering?

The reason is simple.

For some absurd reason, I was not appreciative of him pulling the back of my pants open, and shoving Cheerios down as far as possible.

Forget that I was trying to change his sister out of her jammies when he chose to show his appreciation for my attire choices.

I know, I'm an absurdly unenlightened spoilsport. And a meanie to boot.

Because I not only removed myself from his grasping distance, but I also refused to return the Cheerios he had shoved into the crack of my ass.

Clearly, I do NOT have a future in pole dancing if I overreact so egregiously every time someone gets a little handsy.


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