Stinky Little Brother

I do love reading with my girl. But we do it a LOT. So to keep things interesting, I always mix it up a little by asking her questions about whatever it is we are reading.

Today, we were reading this book together and she had several interesting observations.

First she pointed to the little squirrel and said: That's me!
I responded: It is? How do you know?
Her answer was telling: Because I so little!

Valid point.

So in curiosity, I said: Which one is me?
She thought for a moment, then pointed to the bunny.
I wasn't certain why she had picked that one, so I asked: That bunny is cute. But why is it me?
She scrunched up her nose, and squealed out: Because you holding my hand, silly! Oh, good point. Then she continued on: Know which one is Ben Ben?
I was really curious now, thinking she would probably point to the fox: Which one is Bennett?
She immediately pointed to the skunk: This one, this one right here is Ben Ben.
Me: OK. Why is that one Bennett?
Sterling: Because he so STINKY.

Fair enough. I can't argue with that logic.

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