Good Grief...

You ever have one of those days were everything makes you want to cry?

Sterling is having one of those today. Only instead of just wanting to cry, she's actually crying.

She cried when at breakfast, she asked for the big kid bowl. So I gave her the big kid bowl. Then she cried for Bennett's little bowl. So I traded bowls. At which point in time she cried for the big kid bowl again.

She cried when she pinched her own finger in the edge of her sun glasses. She cried harder when she threw those glasses across the room, and they didn't stand up and walk back to her.

She cried after Bennett put his finger in her mouth, she bit it, and then he cried.

She cried because she didn't like the way I was doing the voices when I read a book to her.

She cried because she couldn't fit all the toys that she wanted to into her purse.

She cried when she hit me and I put her purse in timeout.

She cried when she want to hear the ABC song, so I put the ABC song on the radio, but it wasn't the version that she wanted to hear.

Holy hell did she cry at lunch when she wanted the pink spoon, I gave her the pink spoon, and then she realized it wasn't the blue spoon.

And when I tried to get a picture of all this crying? That's when she melted down, which is why I only have this single blurry photo of her crying.

When she went down for nap she cried because she wanted the butterfly jammies, which this morning she dumped her cereal down the front of in a fit of crying.

I'm just hoping she wakes up from nap a totally different animal. Because otherwise, there's gonna be three of us crying...

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