Cherry Blossom Chaos

Yesterday we went down to see the cherry blossoms in DC.

Outings like this make me remember all over again why I am so in love with this city.

Sun sparkled gloriously off of the water, balmy winds blew off of the tidal basin to keep us comfortably refreshed, and it was the perfect day to laze with a group of friends under the dazzlingly white-pink cherry blossoms and love life.

Unless you are my kids.

In which case, it was the perfect day to run haphazardly through throngs of strangers and try to find a new mommy.

The great thing about having two kids? They run in two different directions.

While my girlfriends' kids were content to chill peacefully and munch on snacks, mine careened madly through the crowds like toddlers on cherry blossom crack.

And the several foot drop from the edge of the tidal basin down to the water? My kids saw this as an incredibly enticing launch pad and me as the crappy spoilsport every time I snagged their flailing little bodies inches from the edge.

Sterling happened to see a bottle floating languidly in the water at one point, and helpfully piped up "Don't worry momma, I get it". Uh yeah, THAT would be great. Because it would then require me to jump the 4 feet down to rescue your drowning little body.

Thanks anyway!

Bennett found a new mom breast feeding her infant and squatted down to ogle in fascination. The mom was indulgently patient, but homeboy was more than a little fascinated. And to be fair, I wasn't entirely certain he wasn't looking for an appropriate moment to horn in on snack time.

It was a beautiful day, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but it was ANYTHING but relaxing ;-)

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