The Most Miserable Game In The World

So right now Ben is 2 feet away from me, screaming in my face. He's been doing this for about 15 minutes now.

We have a new fun game at our house.

In this game, B climbs the top of the steamer trunk, and stands up there screaming until I get him down.

Which is awesome and all, except he's been getting himself off of that trunk for several months now, so it's not an issue of his inability to get himself down, it's purely a game to bend me to his will.

And for a while there, I was willing to play along. Because I have the mother of all headaches and it was better to peel him off than listen to him scream. But I'm bored of the game, so today the monkey can stay up there until he gets sick of it and climbs down.

*Note: It took us about 35 minutes before one of us, him, caved in disgust. He climbed off that thing like a disgruntled little chimpanzee, throwing baleful glares over his shoulder at me every few seconds. I feel bad, totally do. Oh no, wait, that's not it. I feel relieved that this game is done. Yep, definitely relieved.

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