Bed Slide Beastie

Last night after I put Sterling to bed, I heard her yelling "WHEEEEEEEE, fun!" at the top of her lungs. Like any good spoilsport parent, I went in to investigate.

I cautiously snuck up to her room and oh so slowly eased the door open. This is what I found.

Evidently, she had popped the slats out from under her bed yet AGAIN, removed all her bedclothes, and then pushed the matress up enough to make it into an incline.

When I asked what she was doing, she jumped about a mile, then smiled big at me and brightly responded "I make slide Momma. It FUN! You wanna try it?"

Uh, sure kid. Looks like a safe choice for both of us.

After about 40 minutes of me grunting, groaning, and straining to put the bed back together while I lectured her on the bad choice of jacking with her bed, I finally had it fixed. I scraped my knuckles up in the process though and was pretty irritated.

So taking a stand for all that is holy in the world of parenting, I decided that there was no way in hell I was going to make her bed again and explained that her punishment for messing the bed up was making it herself. She happily complied.

It wasn't nearly the punishment I had hoped for it to be.

As I shut the door to leave her for the night, I reiterated my stance on the whole bed/slide situation. I said "Sterling, it makes Momma very angry when you mess with your bed like that. No more bed slides, right?"

She cheerfully responded "OK Momma. No more bed slide... tonight."

Pretty sure I won that round. And by pretty sure, I mean not a chance in hell.

In case you are keeping score, it is:

     Toddler: 1,254,355,345
     Momma: .03

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