Angry Little Gargoyle

Yesterday, Bennett woke up on the wrong side of the crib. From the moment he got out of bed, he was livid with the world.

He cried through snack, he cried through clean up, and he cried as I took his sister into the family room and changed her out of her jammies. So when there was a shift in the screaming, I somehow missed it.

Indeed, it wasn't until I walked back into the kitchen and found this that I realized that his screaming had taken on a nearly apoplectic pitch.

Somehow, while I was distracted he managed to unhook his seatbelt, climbed out of his seat, and scrambled up onto the tray of his high chair.

And there he perched, like a pissed off little gargoyle, screaming at me in fury.

I'm not sure whether I should be impressed by how nimble he is, or terrified because so far, he has beaten his sister in coordination and sheer orneriness already at this age...

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