OSM: Houdini Had Nothing On My Girl...

Not to gloat, but S has mastered the art of getting her sleeping straight jacket off.

See, over the last year she has learned how to get out of more and more sophisticated methods of keeping her clothed while sleeping. The most recent was jammies backwards, sleep sack on backwards, both zipped up.

But lately she's been able to get out of both of those without a problem. And today was the second day in a row she pooped during her nap. You can pretty much guess what that equates to. Washing clothes and sheets AGAIN as I type....

And no, that's just chocolate on her face in the picture :)


  1. 'Bout time you started blogging!!!

    1. Thanks lady! It was a HUGE leap of faith, wasn't sure anyone would read it. Totally winging it :)