Momma's Little Monkey

Perhaps you have heard me mention how small Sterling is. The truth is, she is tiny. Any time she is in a group of kids her age, she is by far the smallest one.

She was born itty bitty and has stayed small.

Which is why it shouldn't have surprised me when she discovered that she could fit her whole body, including her head, between the spindles of our stairway.


I about had a heart attack when she called out "hey momma, look, I up here" and when I looked up, her entire body was suspended on the WRONG side of the bannister.

The more frantically I demanded she move back in as I rushed towards her, the harder the little turkey waggled her eyebrows as she dangled as far out as her little arms would reach.

So when I reached her, I snatched her up with my heart pounding, and explained to her why it was incredibly dangerous to play like that.

She looked back a me with mirth swimming in those ornery little chocolate brown eyes and it was clear that she loved this game.

I was changing Bennett when I heard her little voice pipe up again "look momma, I naughty".

Want to guess how this story plays out? It really isn't hard to guess.

Yep. Homegirl was at it again. This time, she was smart enough to duck back in and run right before I got to her.

The third time was right before (early) bed. The finish line was in sight, she was in her jammies, and I was mentally preparing myself for a much needed break.

A bit too early, as always seems to be the case.

I went to grab Bennett's bottle when the little turkey called out "oh maaaamaaaaa, I up heeeeeerrrreeee".

And I knew without looking exactly where my little monkey would be.

This time, the second she saw me she ducked back inside the railing and took off laughing hysterically.

One of us is going to end up in a straight jacket, anyone want to place bets on which one it will be?

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