I made the mistake of giving Sterling a bowl of yogurt and leaving her alone for three seconds while I got Bennett's milk cup from the fridge.

Three seconds.

In that time, it went EVERYWHERE!

On her hands and all over her face? Check.

On her chair and down the wall? Check.

In her hair and on her clothes? Checkity check check check.

In fact, about the only place that she didn't liberally douse in yogurt was... inside her mouth.

What is it about kids and yogurt?

If you give a kid a bowl of yogurt, chances are they WILL have a heyday with it.

And yogurt is only slightly lower on the "Hard As Hell To Clean Up" scale than oatmeal.

Which means no matter HOW thoroughly I may scrub and how many layers of skin I may remove, as soon as the kid in question is dry, I am certain to notice a slightly opaque, highly sticky scum somewhere on their body.

Good times.

Which is why I probably need a dog. Dogs take care of things like yogurt residue...

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