Chunky Chipmonkey

My child is a chipmunk. Or a hamster. Or any other little critter that hoards food in its mouth.

It would be a gross understatement to say that Bennett likes snacks.

It would be more accurate to say something along the lines of "Bennett freakin LOVES snacks". Or at least is super fond of them.

Whenever there is food around, he happily toodles himself over to it and avails himself of it without preamble.

There is no snack too big, meal too ambitious, offering too off putting. Whatever it is, he throws himself at it with gusto.

Which is why there should be no surprise that I had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on him before he was a year old.

Today they were eating these chunky pretzel rods. Sterling was delicately munching on one while Bennett was shoving as many into his mouth as possible while grabbing for the next one and growling at me whenever I held the bag out of his reach.

Pretty confident that picture below conveys his "bitch please, you best be handin' over that there pretzel" face.

Special memories being made right there. Yep.

I do love my ornery, spunky little chunky chipmunk. Monkey.

Which I guess technically makes him a Chipmonkey. My Spunky Chunky Little Chipmonkey :-)

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