Shifty Snapping Shenanigans

An all time favorite game in our house is "sneak Momma's iPhone and take as many photos as you possibly can before she yanks it back from you".

Sounds awesome, right?

Sterling can snap more photos in the 3 seconds it takes me to snatch my phone back from her than any self respecting paparazzi.

And she rivals the best of them in snagging shots that are unflattering.

If there is an unattractive angle with bad lighting and I'm not wearing any makeup, you can be certain homegirl is going to capture it for posterity.

Which is why I am constantly going through my iPhone, deleting out horrible photos, and vowing to myself that I'm going to come up with a better way of hiding it next time.

And maybe never leave my bedroom without a full face of makeup. Buuuuut probably not that last one.

That shot below?

The little turkey totally staged it.

First she came over and playfully shoved her phone into my cleavage. Somewhere in that process, she ghosted my phone out of my bra strap. Not certain how she did it, but she did.

Evidently, I'm not only raising the most youngest pusher, but also the world's youngest pickpocket.

Then, as I was sitting there placidly, waiting like the patsy I was, she whipped out my phone and started snapping pictures to record the degradation.

That smile on my face was a brief "well done ma'am" tip of my hat as I was reaching up to snag it back from her.

But not before she managed to capture me in all my un made-up, non showered glory.


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