Frog Fiasco

I just spent 30 minutes arguing with Sterling over whether or not she was a frog while trying to get her into jammies today.

And to be honest, by the end of it, I wasn't certain that she WASN'T a frog.

S: I a frog
Me: No you're not, you're a girl
S: Nope, I a frog. See "ribeet ribeet hop hop hop"
Me: (making a swipe for her, which she deftly out maneuvered by hopping off the bed) Nope, still a girl
S: Wheeeee, I funny mommy!
Me: Nope, DEFINITELY not funny
S: I funny little frog
Me, trying for authoritative now: No lady, you are a little girl that needs to take a nap.
S: I laughing. See, I funny little frog.
Me: You need to put your jammies on.
S: Mommy SO silly, froggies don't wear jammies.

At which point I finally snagged her, and wrangled her into jammies.

But I had to give it to her, for 2 and a half, she is one hell of a debater...

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