Cherish Your Gift

Today I went to a service for the husband of a dear friend, a friend I have known since high school.

They have two small children, each a year older than ours. She is way, way too young to be a widow.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that in addition to the mayhem, I live with a firm belief of wringing every drop of life out of the days you are given, because they ARE infinite.

But today really made me realize just how finite they are.

I think there is a part of me that has always secretly believed that I am one of the lucky ones. That I and my loved ones are invincible, that we will live forever. Sure, I talk a good game about living as much life as possible in the days I am given, but the truth is, on some level, I think those days will last forever.

That I will always have another tomorrow.

Which is ironic because I learned about loss early on. It is what taught me to live in the moment.

But somehow, dealing with such a profound loss so early on also gave me this warped sense of invincibility.

I survived that loss, came through the flames like a Phoenix, and it made me feel strong enough to stand up to any challenge.

Until I see surrealistic moments like this, where high school cheerleaders are made into young widows, and I have no choice but to face the truth.

Death is real.

And it comes for us all at some point, whether we are ready or not. Whether we have had our great love or written our great novel or had our great adventure, or not.

Goals are wonderful, but they are empty and hollow unless you are living and breathing towards them TODAY.

The reality is, no one knows how many tomorrows we each have. All we know is that we have this moment, right now, today.

And what you choose to do with today will make the difference between reaching your goals tomorrow, or being stuck in the same spot you are today.

You may may have 10 more tomorrows. Or thousands. Or hundreds of thousands. Or none.

No one knows, but what I do know is this: the today that you are living right now, this today currently in your hands, it is a gift. Cherish it, make the most of it, appreciate it for all that it is.

Make the most of it, because it is a gift that my friend's husband wasn't given.

I love you P, my heart goes out to you and your girls.

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