Creepy Bunny

That pink thing down there?

Oh that's nothing. Just the most creepy ass bunny creature monster thing ever.

See, we went to Florida last month. And I shortsightedly overlooked packing Sterling's snuggle bunny (the cute little white guy).

I packed her beloved blanket, her favorite snacks, and plenty of shoes for her to choose from. But somehow I overlooked her snuggle bunny.

So a day into the trip, she made it ABUNDANTLY clear that we needed to rectify this issue. And off to the toy store we went.

She was very specific that it needed to be a bunny, but after searching and finding no less than 5 incredibly cute, soft, cuddly bunnies, my girl still wasn't satisfied.

It wasn't until we found the rack of overpriced misfit toys and front and center was this Pepto Bismol monstrosity, that she fell in love immediately. No matter how hard I tried to extoll the virtues of the less creepy bunnies, she wasn't having it.

So we came home with this little guy. And every time I see it sprawled casually across her bed at nap time, with its creepy little grin, that I wonder if its ready to take a long trip in the donate pile.

Because when I go in to kiss her at night, I'm pretty certain that it is leering at me with that maniacal gleam in its eye and saying "you're next momma, I'm gonna eat your brains bext".

Gives me the heebie jeebies. But every time I hide the damn thing as a trial run, she frantically searches for it until I magically "find" it.

Which means creepy killer bunny is here to stay, for the short term at least...


  1. The pink bunny is from Wow Wow Wubbzy, not sure of her name though.

    1. Thanks! Why are children's entertainment characters so creepy???