Road Rash Rage

Poor Bennett had a rough, rough day today.

See, since he is walking full time now, I decided he needed shoes for when we went out. I picked something stylish and seasonally appropriate. Done deal.

Sterling pretty effortlessly made the transition from bare feet to shoes, so I didn't think much of it.

Bennett, true to form, has bitched and moaned the whole way.

He whined when I put the shoes on him. He whined when he took his first steps in them, and holy hell did he whine when we met up with friends at the park and he took a face plant on the sidewalk.

And never stopped whining.

But because life is never truly humiliating unless you have an audience to judge your mishaps, there was a whole battalion of Asian grandparents there with their grand kids, to witness my poor parenting.

And dear lord, the disapproving expressions and condescending comments. Albeit in another language, so I didn't completely understand what they were saying, but their tone and glares made it pretty clear.

Yep. Not sure where my P.O.T.Y. ( Parent Of The Year) award is, but I'm sure it's coming soon. Because if I wasn't P.O.T.Y. before this, all those extra votes should certainly push me over the edge.

Hopefully the award comes with a box of wine.

To help disinfect the head wounds on my child, of course. And no, I'm not sharing...

Clearly, not a fan of shoes. Clearly.

And our first public test drive of said shoes didn't change his opinions one iota...

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