Cooling Our Jets

This morning, when we went downstairs, the thermostat registered a balmy 62 degrees.

I double checked, I normally have it set to 72 while the kids are up but it's a new year and you never know...

Alas, it quickly became apparent that our heater wasn't putting out anything but cold air and grumpy grumbles.

Sterling repeatedly groused "I soooooo cold Momma, so cold".

So after bundling up and braving it in the Arctic Playroom Of Doom for a couple of hours, I finally decided to move our party upstairs to my bedroom.

The upstairs heater was still working just fine and my room was nice and toasty.

Being all proactive-like, I even brought a bunch of Bennett's favorite toys with us.

Which was great and all because it kept him entertained for exactly 3 minutes.

I timed it.

Since then, Sterling has happily tucked herself into my bed to catch up on her Caillou while Bennett determinedly takes our room apart, item by item.

So far his favorite pastimes have been chewing on alarm clock wires and digging through the bathroom garbage.

Yep, good times...

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