Monkey Show Mayhem

Getting ready in the morning at our house is a bit like a monkey and pony show.

That's kind if like a dog and pony show, but with WAY more antics and acrobatics.

With two little monkeys running full tilt and only one of me, it's pretty certain that there is always someone doing something they aren't supposed to be doing.

Like this morning.

I had already changed Bennett when he immediately pooped again in his clean diaper.

I was snagging him a diaper when they both disappeared upstairs.

As a mom, the pitter patter of little feet is incredibly sweet... until they are somewhere they aren't supposed to be.

Then, it's the pitter patter of doom.

Like this morning, when they were in my bathroom, playing in the cabinets.

After calling to them and being thoroughly ignored, they were finally rousted from their fun times.

As Sterling was waking down the stairs, she looked me in the eye and said "Momma, I was thinking about you the whoooooooollle time."

Yeah, I'm sure she was.

And it probably went something like this:

Man, momma is going to be PISSED when she sees the mess we are making. Oh well, serves her right for thinking she deserves to have anything nice that is off limits.

Oooooh, she just called us again. And that time she sounded pissed. Thank god for the modern American disapproval of spanking, otherwise she would whoop our assess! Wonder how mad she can get before that totally gets overridden...

Yep, this is something she really LOVES. We must destroy it.

If I weren't already firmly set on sticking with two, mornings like today would help me in making my decision :-)


  1. So you gotta tell us..... What did they tear up?

    1. It breaks my heart to say that it was my favorite Kiehls perfume. They took the top off and completely obliterated it.
      I can still kind of (sorta) get some out until a new bottle arrives, but it was pretty heartbreaking to find.
      Guess they like me stinky...