Diaper Cream Disaster

So yeah.

Yesterday, I learned that there are things harder than baby poop to clean off the carpet.

Yep, this whole parenting gig rocks for practical, hands-on learning opportunities.

See,  Sterling must have gotten extra bored during nap time. Usually, she either sleeps, or hangs out in her room and plays quietly the whole time. But occasionally, she gets a wild hair, and mayhem ensues.

I'm used to that. I've had LOTS of practice. Lots. Lots and Lots. And Lots. That's just the tip of the iceberg, but I think you get the picture.

But yesterday was a particularly rough day. First, John went to his doctor for a routine visit, and discovered that his blood pressure was dangerously high. Which meant that my blood pressure instantly went dangerously high.

Little bit of an emotional roller coaster there.

Then, I went in to get Sterling up from nap. I walked into the room, which you will notice at this point is nearly bare, and discovered some kind of white scum all over the windows. And walls. And bedding. And in her hair. And on her jammies. And holy hell, sweet mercy, smeared all over the carpet.

She smiled at me with the impish glee that only a 2.5 year old can muster and proudly says "I got butt cream momma, oh crap, it's a mess".

Oh crap, indeed...

Somehow, she had shimmied up the doorway between her bedroom and her bathroom, and wedged her hand into the tiny crack that the door opens to (I have one of those handy dandy little door stopper things which is supposed to let light but not kids through). Still not sure how the hell she managed to do it, but she did.

And the awesome thing about that diaper cream? It's made to withstand the nuclear Holocaust of the nastiest poops, so there is very little that your average cleaning agent can do to it. Nope, after 45 minutes of alternately crying and swearing under my breath, I finally admitted defeat.

It's starting to look unlikely that the carpet in her room will outlive the year at this rate. At least the diaper cream was white, so it kind of camoflouged in, but now the carpet is gummy in large portions of the room.


My first hint that something wasn't quite right, a hazy window...

The Master at work, demonstrating her technique...

Face and hair full of butt cream

Bed slats, window, carpet, and rocking horse all liberally coated

The TEENY TINY little gap Sterling somehow managed to climb and wedge her hand through to grab the diaper cream off of the shelf on the other side.

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