Nap Time Naughty

Miss Sterling Rose is famous for her nap time antics.

I had (erroneously) hoped that in the last six months, she would have grown out of it a bit.

So, um, yeaaaaaah... I would be wrong.

All that has happened is that she has raised the bar on her game.

See, this was her new "Big Girl" room, complete with Big Girl bed, pictures on the walls like a Big Girl and a dresser without kiddie locks on the drawers.

May not seem like such a big deal, but it is. Her last bedroom was a bed and a dresser with kiddie locks on the drawers. That was it. The door even had a lock on the outside to keep the mayhem contained.

I had that puppy locked down like Alcatraz. Only without the freezing water around it, although I was considering a moat...

Anyway, going for a normal room was a big leap of faith. And if the state of her room after nap time today was any indication, a misplaced one.

She jacked with the pictures on the wall, took the drawer out of her bedside table, pulled the blinds off kilter, dumped clothes out of the drawer, even knocked the rocking horse over and threw a pillow on his face.

That will show the bastard to sit there, looking all smug with his fancy yarn hair.

At least that Tiffany bunny knew well enough to hide behind the antique box she threw haphazardly up on the dresser.

Looks like I need to go shopping for kiddie locks to put on the new dresser.

Or maybe just a pair of straight jacket sheets...

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