Losing Our ShooShit

Don't want to share with your bother?
Climb out of his reach. Seems legit...
Today, the cause of much whinescreaming is "shooshit".

Otherwise known as sushi to those of us who can speak in decibels that don't have dogs within a 3 mile radius going crazy.

See, we have some toy sushi. Up until today, the primary piece that got played with was the huge wooden knife that came with the set.

Bennett likes to use it to whack things. Big shocker, I know.

But for some reason, today the shooshit's stock suddenly raised to red hot. No idea why, but suddenly they both NEEDED it. And thus the whinescreaming.

If I don't go deaf from having " that shooshit is MOINE Ben Ben" screamed in close proximity for an entire day, then I will certainly go crazy from it.

And of the two options, I think I prefer crazy, because that way I get a few months away with my own comfy padded cell.

But wait, if I were deaf, I wouldn't be able to hear whines ever again. Is it an option to go selectively deaf only to toddler whines? Because that might be the best solution of all...

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