Electrical Outlet Mayhem

Fun fact: the more deadly something is, the more drawn toddlers are to jack with it.

Case in point, electrical sockets.

I think we can all agree that they are deadly.

Yet for some crazy-ass reason, my kids love to try to poke things into them, including their tongues.

And those handy little plastic jobbies that you buy to cover them over? Useless.

Both of my kids quickly learned how to pull those out. So at this point, they are just toys that lure my kids in... to play with the electrical sockets.

And the fun part? Those socket covers are the PERFECT size to be a choking hazard. So as soon as my kids pull them out, they pop those handy little plugs of death right into their mouths.

But because my little turkeys know I will be all over them if I catch them jacking with the electrical covers, they do it covertly. Sneaking away to screw with them only when my back is turned.

Human beings must be the only creatures on earth that are that KNOWINGLY self destructive. I've never seen a puppy or kitten hide in the corner so it could lick an electrical socket...

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Homeslice just strolled on over
and handed this to me...

Bennett doing a quick check before he peels
off another switch cover.
Smooth buddy, real smooth...

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